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The sky was filled with many cell medals and a few purple medals which find their way to an dives straight into Eiji's back!

Some eight episodes flashing before his eyes, two purple medals, one-hundred-million cell medals, and a small explosion of purple and ice later . . . Eiji's just laying there awake, confused and kind of making his own crater.]
[If at any point I thought that this was a good idea, I was lying to myself.]
So, Eiji currently is at 1,113 comments! Yes. I know. It's sort of amazing.

This means you get to ask me anything~! This can include relationships, personal questions, his thoughts, my thoughts, OTP's, what underwear he has on right at this very moment, how many times so far has he stripped down, why I'm using the icon of his disturbing Rider Kick, ANYTHING!

The floor is yours.
I am Shiny
I play Katsuragi Shuugo, Shiro, Azuma Wataru, Hino Eiji

Contact Methods: [AIM] Punchhopping, [GCHAT] satiricalhavoc@gmail.com, [Plurk] Here, [mIRC] I'm usually in Shiro or Eiji
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: I should have no issues! Just contact me and things should be cool
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I am cool with this 100%
Comfort Levels: I'm pretty okay with anything, but if you aren't sure you can message me
Concrit/OOC issues: Anything you want to tell me, I'm fine with
Goals: To be the best Hobo I can be and do him justice
Essays and Memes: None yet!
Beta-ing: Use my gchat~ I am willing to beta, help or just cheer on anyone
AU-ing: Oh my~
Final Comments: ... Nai
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Character: Hino Eiji
Series:Kamen Rider OOO
Character Age: 21

Canon: What would you do if one day while you were working your usual part-time job, your life was suddenly bombarded with bedlam? For Hino Eiji, the only answer to this age-old question is to fight. An accident on the job led to a group of monsters called Greeeds to be released from their seal. They’ve picked back up their old plans of devouring the world in their, you guessed it, insatiable greed. Due to a lucky twist of fate, the incomplete Greeed Ankh made the choice to give our hero the power to transform into Kamen Rider OOO. Now it’s up to him and his partner to use its infinite abilities to protect the people and stop the other Greeeds from fulfilling their villainous ambitions.

Eiji is a living example of “no money, no home, no problem.” He is a homeless humanitarian who likes to help people with their problems. After a tragic event in his past, he has made a promise to himself to live a life of no regrets. If someone reaches out a hand to him for help, he will do everything humanly possible to assist them without question or asking for anything in return. While not being the sharpest tool in the shed, and certainly not the most sensible, his will is unshakable and his beliefs are strong. When push comes to shove, Eiji can be surprisingly cunning and a bit bossy. That isn’t to say he’s secretly mean! See, when it comes to personal desires within this world ruled by avariciousness, he has none! So long as there is clean underwear for tomorrow and spare change in his pocket, all will be well.

Sample Post:

Owaa! It's a tree full of underwear! It even looks like it's growing them on its own. This is amazing. I wonder if I could find out how to grow this type of tree myself. This would be so much easier then buying new ones every day. There’s even a variety of fabric types and cuts. Just think of how many tomorrows are safe with a tree like this! You're always assured that your underpants will be clean and here for you. I wonder if there is a price for taking any. Maybe I should ask someone and see if they know. Would it really be okay to just take one? I wouldn’t want to take someone’s hard work but it doesn't look like there's any sign that says I have to do something first-- Oh, there's a duck! I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask a local.

Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but could you answer a few questions for me? I noticed the underwear tree and I really needed to get a pair to use for tomorrow. Is there anything I have to do before I get one? I wouldn't mind having to pay for them-- or usually I wouldn't. You see, I left all of my change in my other underwear. I lost them and all my change in a small tussle I had on the way here. It wasn’t anything alarming; I was trying to help a zombie find something it dropped and the gorilla who had it wasn’t willing to give it up without a fight. It’s not impractical to use a lost arm as a back-scratcher, but it would have been much better to ask first.

You mean I don't have to do anything at all? I can just reach up and get whatever I want? That's a great help, thanks so much! I was worried for a while that I would end up having to wear dirty ones. This is a big relief!

Wait-- where are you going now? I was going to see if you wanted a pair too, as thanks for your help. Since you don't have hands, I figured it would be hard for you to get any if you wanted them, and everyone could use a fresh pair of underpants now and then. Oh, I see what you were doing now! At first I thought you were leaving but that’s not what you’re doing at all. You were setting the tree on fire...

....Aaaah!!! You really set it on fire!! Why would you set a perfectly good underwear tree aflame?! What if there were people depending on this tree’s good underwear? Ahhh, we’ve got to hurry and put the fire out before it’s too late. This is terrible; there goes my tomorrow up in flames.

88.9%(40) In/ 11.1%(5) out/2 abstain